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Handmade bags

Whether it’s for you or a friend, there is nothing like receiving a beautifully wrapped gift.

As a child, unwrapping presents was so exciting. Sometimes I would carefully un-peel ribbons, bows and tags; folding wrapping paper neatly. Other times I’d just rip it all apart, eager to find out what was inside. Then, as I got older, I’d request money, so I could ‘choose myself’ a gift.

At Vivid Violet UK it doesn’t matter if you have purchased for you or a friend. Each is wrapped carefully in acid-free tissue paper, tied gently with a grosgrain ribbon and finished off with our gift card. As the card is matt finished you can write on the back a message of your choice.

We don’t stop there … our mailing bag is coloured (why have a boring grey one?!) so you know instantly that something special is inside.

Then we post your product – signed for – by Royal Mail, to ensure you receive it.

So it doesn’t matter if you are a ‘careful un-wrapper’ or a ‘rip it all open’ one. We hope that on receipt, you’ll be so pleased with your purchase that you’ll share photos of you and your gift.

We’re also happy if you upcycle the tissue paper and ribbon, there are many uses for both!

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