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Pink Flower Vines – Reusable Cotton Pad Set


Set comprises 16 Reusable Cotton Pads in a mini lined Cork Basket, complete with a Wash Bag.

– Why Cotton?  It’s soft and gentle on your skin and doesn’t drag/smear. The terry loops scoop up more make-up and dirt. 

– Why 16 Reusable Cotton Pads? Because you have two eyes! So should last over a week.

– Why size 7.5 cm/3 inch square? They comfortably cover the whole eye to reduce the number of swipes to remove make-up and, therefore, minimises dragging on the skin around the delicate eye area – Why Square? The corners are great for getting into the inner eye area and behind ears!

– The Cork Basket? Well, that’s where you can store your clean Reusable Cotton Pads! Plus, it’s a rather cute size, fully lined too.

– Finally, the Wash Bag? It’s a cotton net, made on the larger size so that the Reusable Cotton Pads have room to circulate during their 40 degree wash.

Washing Instructions Wash before first use. Place loosely in Wash Bag. Tie cord in double bow so they don’t escape! Wash at 40 degrees. If they ‘ball up’ during the wash, flatten and hang to dry or tumble dry LOW. Rinse stubborn stains before washing. Wash similar colours together.

Height: 7 cm

Width: 7 cm

Depth: 9 cm

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