Soft Grey Corduroy Med Cosmetic Bag – Floral


Soft Grey Needle Corduroy Medium Flat Bottomed Cosmetic Bag – Floral

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I was rummaging about in one of my local fabric shops when I saw this and grabbed it up straight away. This soft grey needle corduroy is fabulous as a stand-alone fabric due to it classic shade. But is also great when paired with florals, brights or pastels as it compliments them so well. It was a great find and you’ll see it appear in many guises over the next few months. A favourite cosmetic bag, medium size, is really set off by the beautiful floral lining. I’ve also used the florals for the contrasting tabs. Great for make-up as its flat base ensures it won’t fall over!

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Dimensions 9 × 19 × 14 cm